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Software is an ever-changing landscape of the new, the old and the updated. Trying to keep up with what's available is hard enough. Trying to decide when to upgrade or when to stick with what you've got is even harder. Having the right information at the right time is essential to making the right choices.

In our Software Reviews area, you'll find up-to-date information on the latest versions of software you use and software you might want to use. We have searched the internet and brought together what we think are the best, most informative reviews on new and popular software. So before you decide on that next software purchase, be sure to check here first.

Layout & Design

  • (ZDNet.com)

    "If one Adobe design application, such as Photoshop, is equivalent to, say, a box of crayons, then Adobe CS3 Master Collection suite would be like a drawer packed with crayons, markers, paints, and pencils in hundreds of hues."

  • (pcmag.com)

    "Perhaps the greatest improvements in Illustrator CS3, however, are a number of smaller enhancements that will make you wonder why they hadn't been there all along."

  • (macworld.com)

    "But don't let that first impression fool you. InDesign CS3 will grow on you as its improved utility becomes more obvious in day-to-day work."

  • (ArsTechnica.com)

    "Photoshop CS3 is a tricky one to rate since what it does, it does very well. Not all of the Extended features will appeal to everyone, but things like the Black and White adjustment, curves with histogram, layer auto-align and auto-blend, Camera RAW 4, Smart Filters and interactive art placement in Vanishing Point are all part of the CS3 Standard package and they are valuable on their own."

  • (softpedia.com)

    "Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 carries on the dream and takes it higher, faster and better than ever before!"

  • (pcmag.com)

    "All in all, this package is an excellent choice for budget-minded professionals and business users who need access to powerful graphics tools at an affordable price."

  • (softpedia.com)

    "... (GIMP) is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. The Gimp works on many operating systems, in many languages."

  • (macworld.com)

    "Quark has added some good features to XPress 7 ... And users who stick with Quark XPress will be happy that the company is adopting some of the InDesign features that began turning heads four years ago."


  • (cnet.com)

    "Corel has a winner in WordPerfect Office X3, a feature-packed productivity suite ... (it) is a solid upgrade for longtime users, particularly those who manage a lot of PDFs."

  • (techweb.com)

    "With this version, Microsoft has completely revamped the familiar Office interface. Gone are the toolbars, the drop-down menus, and the side-of-the-window Task Panes."

  • (cnet.com)

    "OpenOffice 2 is the open-source version of Sun Microsystems' StarOffice ... (and) is an undeniable bargain. This robust, free productivity suite offers full-featured word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation apps--and it won't cost you or your business a dime."

  • (eweek.com)

    "StarOffice 8--the latest version of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s inexpensive, cross-platform office productivity suite--stands up better than ever next to Microsoft Corp.'s market-leading Office in terms of features, extensibility and compatibility."

Operating System


  • (cnet.com)

    "There are many enhancements within Firefox 2, making it a worthy upgrade for existing users and a fine introduction for new users. Firefox is truly innovative, yet it's also very practical for everyday use."

  • (computerworld.com)

    "IE7 is a clear and dramatic improvement over IE6; with tabbed browsing, increased security, excellent RSS support, better printing and a cleaner interface, it's a no-brainer to upgrade from IE6."

  • (softpedia.com)

    "I really don't know what's bad in Opera 9. Could it be that it has too many features? Not for me!"

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